Minibus and Coach Hire

Aberdeen Minibus and Coach Hire is a leading minibus hire firm in Scotland. Over the years we have dealt with many customers including businesses, local residents, firms, local authorities and private groups. Aberdeen is part of the AB10 Postcode region.

We can offer you a coach or minibus in any size and some of our most popular ones include the 8 seater, 12 seater, 24 seater and 33 seater categories. The largest coach we have is the 72 seater double decker. We require prior notice for all coach hire for groups of 24+.

Contact can be made online, by email or by telephone. You can also fill in the contact form and get an instant quote online. Our customer services department will then contact you to confirm the booking.

Aberdeen is city based in Scotland and is located in the north eastern part of the country. It is regarded as the third city of Scotland and carries the nick name of Granite City. Sometimes it is even referred to as the Silver City and the Grey City. Even though it is located in the colder parts of the UK, the city has a good sandy coast and it is also the third most populated city in Scotland. In the whole United Kingdom it is the twenty fifth most populated cities and this falls at well over two hundred and twenty thousand. The local population is meant to be slightly less than this. In terms of demography the majority is that of white origin. Only three percent of the population is ethnic and less than one percent of this figure is South Asian.

Aberdeen has had a history of well over eight and a half thousand years. It became a Royal Burgh and then prospered in economy and also educational establishments. Many of the industries of the city include fishing, ship building and also a vast oil industry. This is due to it having one of the largest sea ports in the whole of Scotland.

In terms of landmarks the city of Aberdeen is well known for its silver buildings and these include the National Bank of Scotland, Music Hall, Marischal College, Union Terrace Building, the West Tower of the New Town, Duthie Park, River Dee, Hazel-head Park, Johnstone gardens, Capital Theatre, Palace Theatre, University of Aberdeen and also The Robert Gordon University. The various museums and festivals include Aberdeen International Youth Festival, Aberdeen Students Show and also the Aberdeen Maritime Museum. Aberdeen is part of the AB10 Postcode region.

Aberdeen has very strong links to roads and this includes the A90 main route and also the A96. Many of the destinations into the city include the Cairngorms and also the Braemar. Other roads linked to the city include A947, A90 and the A92. Railway links are served by the Aberdeen Railway Station and surprisingly the main networks are under the UK rail companies. There are frequent trains going to places like Edinburgh, London and Glasgow.