Royal Ascot

Aberdeen is a good location to visit for any one who wants to check out the race venues and a good place to start is the Kart start Indoor Raceway. This is a long established venue which boasts state of the art equipment and also many events. Such events include sprint, super rand prix, 70 laps, mini grand prix and also 25 laps. The costs start form eighteen pounds and go right through to fifty five pounds. They offer a special night for open track where you can go for a blast at prices ranging from just thirty seven pounds. There is also a special discounted rate for evening sessions and insurance is included for all races.

Aberdeen Minibus and Coach Hire can transport you to all race venues with ease and comfort, and at competitive rates.

Any one looking to join a cycling club can join Aberdeen Forum and even branch out to other Scottish cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow.

We understand that all race events such as go karting, stock racing and also cycling require a good deal of safety standards. We always promote safety for all race events and anyone requiring further information in relation to safe travel advice can ring us direct on out telephone number.